As a child, I was always thrilled when one of these fish dropped out of my Christmas cracker. For those of you unfamiliar with how it works you place the wafer thin fish in the palm of your hot hand and then watch as it performs it's little dance, curling and flipping before coming to a rest. It's final position held the key to a whimsical fortune telling experience, revealing a glimpse into your supposed personality traits.  

The interpretations varied, and it has to be said that some were less flattering than others. A fish that moved it's head could indicate jealousy, while one that curled it's sides apparently signified fickleness. Of course, the humour lay in the fact that each time you held the fish it revealed a different prediction. And then there was the rarest prediction of them all, a motionless fish meaning it was a 'dead one'. You really were unlucky if you got one of those.

Happy Christmas and may all your crackers have a fortune fish.

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