Cat In A Box Matchbox

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Curious Cats -A Purrfect Match Print

Jump into the enchanting world of feline fascination with my colourful art print. This delightful piece showcases a matchbox featuring an adorable cat snugly nestled inside a cardboard box, playfully labelled as "Cat in a Box Safety Matches. Feline Match Factory.”

Cats and Boxes

Anybody who has a cat will know about this weird ‘Box” complex that they have. Usually made of cardboard and quite often far too small for them, nevertheless, they have the compulsion to jump right in and stay there. Every time without fail. My daughter used to be partial to a cardboard box as well when she was little and you could see her and our cat Spike eyeing up the box to see who would get there first. The cat would win. Obviously.

Quality Print, Endless Charm

Printed on high-quality, archival-grade paper, my "Cat in a Box Matches" art print ensures that every whisker, every texture, and every shade of the original artwork is preserved with precision.

Whether you're a cat enthusiast or an art lover, this print is a delightful addition that sparks conversation and celebrates the mysterious allure of our furry friends.