Harbour Lights

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Historic Ramsgate Lighthouse

Infuse your living space with the allure of coastal living. My Harbour Lights Matchbox design adds a touch of nautical sophistication to any room. 

The focal point of this art print is the Georgian Ramsgate Lighthouse, standing tall as a beacon of hope and safety for sailors navigating the treacherous waters of the English Channel. With beams of light radiating from its lantern room, it's a powerful symbol of guidance and refuge, staying true to the Latin motto carved onto it’s side of "Perfugium Miseris" or "Refuge for those in Need."

Royal Harbour meets Wetherspoons

Did you know…..

In 1820 King George IV set off from Ramsgate with the Royal Squadron en route to Hanover. He was so impressed by the hospitality he received at the Kent port that he decreed it be declared a 'Royal Harbour' – a status that's unique in mainland Britain.

Sitting next to the Royal Harbour is the largest Wetherspoons in the country as well. Go Ramsgate!

Premium Quality

As always the paper used for this print is fine quality art paper which gives the design a lovely depth of colour and the no fade inks will guarantee that it won’t lose it’s vibrancy over time.