Kitty Brand Matchbox

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Whimsical Charm for Cat Lovers

Welcome to my delightful Kitty Brand Matchbox Art Print, a whimsical tribute to feline fanciers and lovers of all things cute and cheeky. This art print features a charming ginger and white cat with a mischievous expression, gracing the label of a matchbox. With the words "Kitty Brand" adorning the design, this print captures the essence of a playful feline friend.

Ginger and White Elegance

My last cat Spike was a handsome ginger fellow with dashes of white on him so that he looked like he was wearing a white bib and white ankle socks. This design is my tribute to him. As you can probably tell I am a huge cat lover. We currently have two young rescue cats called Bert and Finn. I am sure it won’t be long before these two scallywags start appearing in my work.

Cute Kitty 

Celebrate your love for cats with my Kitty Brand Matchbox Print. It’s the perfect addition for all you cat lovers out there. Whether you're looking to enhance your living space or searching for a unique gift for a fellow cat lover, this print is sure to bring a smile to your face. Order your print today and let the playful spirit of Kitty Brand brighten your surroundings.