Punch & Judy Matchbox

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Mr. Punch and the Crocodile

Punch and Judy, a beloved British seaside tradition imagined as a matchbox label on a vibrant art print. This captivating piece features Mr Punch grappling with the mischievous crocodile who has a string of sausages in his snappy mouth. Other characters who appear in this classic show are Judy, Punch’s long-suffering wife, the baby, the policeman, the doctor and the skeleton. 

A British Tradition

Originating from Italy in the 17th century, this show has become a staple of the British seaside scene. As popular as ice cream and fish and chips. The instantly recognisable striped tent on the sand lets you know that Punch will be performing and uttering his famous catchphrase  “That’s the way to do it!”. It is a lively and slightly zany show with Mr Punch wielding his stick ready to whack anyone who gets in his way. It has, and will, continue to delight audiences both young and old for many years to come.

Seaside Nostalgia

If you are looking for a bit of seaside whimsy and a nod to seaside traditions then look no further than my unusual art print. Non-fade quality inks ensure that the vibrant colours of Mr Punch and the crocodile remain true and are faithfully reproduced with care for you.