Zoltar Speaks


A Nostalgic Seaside Arcade Tribute

This print was born from a road trip with my mate Val when we happened across a Zoltar on Eastbourne Pier. Well, we had to have a go, didn’t we? Rude not to. The fortune card that Zoltar gave me said I was an amazing person. I’ve always found his predictions very accurate!

My mesmerizing digital print featuring Zoltar shows the iconic arcade fortune teller staring out from his glass cabinet. With its vivid colours and details, this artwork is sure to transport you to the thrilling world of arcade games and summer holidays.

Zoltar was of course made famous by its appearance in the 1988 film "Big," starring a very young Tom Hanks. Because of this film, it has now become a symbol of nostalgia and fun and you can bring a piece of that enchantment into your own space with this crafted art print.

As Zoltar gracefully delivers his enigmatic predictions, a printed fortune ticket emerges from a discreet slot at the front of the machine and every print you order includes a unique fortune ticket so that you too can hear the wise words of this mystical legend!

Here are a few reasons why you should make this Zoltar Art Print a part of your collection.

Nostalgic Charm

 Relive the magic of seaside arcades and the innocence of childhood holidays.

High-Quality Craftsmanship My digital print is created with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every colour and line is faithfully reproduced.

Unique Fortune Ticket Each print includes a one-of-a-kind fortune ticket, adding an element of surprise and wonder to your purchase.