Apples & Pears

Pale Blue

A Fruity Image with a Cockney slant

‘Apples & Pears’,  which, in case you didn’t know, refers to the word ‘stairs’ in rhyming slang, and, so the story goes, came about due to the London costermongers displaying the fruit on their stalls in stepped layers. 

Other phrases might include ‘Dicky Dirt’, ‘Boat Race’, Rosie Lee, Ruby Murray, North & South or my Dad’s favourite, “My Old China Plate’.

My 'Apples & Pears' art print is a delightful blend of linguistic charm teamed with bold graphic-style fruit imagery.

Quality Paper & Inks

Crafted with care on fine quality paper using long-lasting inks, this print is a celebratory fusion of fruit and words.