Broadstairs Pickle

Pale Green
Light Blue

In A Pickle

What better way to celebrate Broadstairs, the picturesque seaside retreat in Thanet, often frequented by Charles Dickens, with a jar of Pickle, reimagined to show the word of the town on the label and the words “Bring Out The Broadstairs” running around the lid.

This pickle is an English classic and much loved as an addition to a cheese sandwich. Much better than sand in your sandwiches which can happen if you eat one on a sandy beach. 

A Different Kind Of Souvenir

Remind yourself of two British classics with this very different take on a souvenir. Pay homage to this quaint holiday destination with this print which comes in four different colourways allowing you to choose one which suits your style.

A3 or A4? You Decide

Select the size that fits your space and vision. My Broadstairs Pickle print is available in both A3 and A4 sizes, giving you the flexibility to curate your perfect display.

Fine Art Paper

Printed on top-quality fine art paper, and using non-fade inks, your pickle jar will maintain it’s vibrant colours over time.