Mustard Flowerpot



This print features two things that I enjoy drawing and painting, flowers from my garden and a lovely graphic label. 

The composition includes enchanting blue cornflowers and delicate white feverfew filling an iconic bright yellow Coleman's Mustard tin, set against a cerulean blue background.

I love a bit of English Mustard but only in small quantities as too much makes your eyes water and your nose run. Great stuff!

A Splash of Summer

Blue cornflowers are also known as "sapphire gems of the garden,” and their rich blue colour works in beautiful contrast to the soft white petals of the feverfew. A reminder of the essence of summer and the vibrant colours that it brings with it.

Perfect for Any Space

This flower print is a versatile piece that can brighten any room in your home. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it brings the beauty of the garden indoors and you can trust in the quality of my prints to adorn your space beautifully.