Crab Matchbox

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Crab-tastic Delight!

‘Crab Matchbox’ is an art print that captures the spirit of the seashore in a zesty, bright orange hue. This eye-catching artwork features a matchbox label adorned with a lively crab illustration, adding a pop of colour and crustacean charm to your interior.

The Rock Pool Rogue

Part of the delight of visiting the coast is the chance to go ‘rock pooling’ with a net and bucket. Hopping over rocks to examine and explore the small pools of seawater left behind by the retreating sea, tiny silver fish and transparent shrimp are often to be seen darting about, but the biggest prize of all is, of course, to catch a side scuttling crab for closer inspection. Their beautifully textured coloured shell and multiple jointed legs and pincers are fascinating to observe. Then there is also the delight in watching them return to their secret world to await the next tide. A hidden world momentarily glimpsed.

Shipping and Care 

Rest assured, your "CrabMatchbox" art print will be securely packaged to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and flat packed not rolled, this print will arrive to you in perfect condition, so why not make a collection of matchboxes for your wall?