Fortune Fish


Introducing the Fortune Fish Art Print – A playful nod to Nostalgic Whimsy!

Often found in Christmas crackers, this print pays homage to the iconic fortune-telling fish. If you're seeking a dose of nostalgia or a unique conversation starter for your decor, this art print is the perfect choice with its bright red distinctive shape and wrapper.

Playful Divination

Remember the anticipation as you held the fortune fish in your hot sweaty hand, watching it move and curl as if it had a life of its own?

Character Insights The fortune fish's unique movements provided quirky insights into your character. Curling up, in love, or even "playing dead" – it was all part of the fun. 

Interactive Fun Each art print includes its very own miracle fish, allowing you to relive the excitement of holding this quirky fortune-telling toy in your hand.

Unique Gift Surprise a friend or family member, with this art print and its accompanying miracle fish, and give them the gift of lighthearted amusement and a trip down memory lane. You can also choose from other nostalgic prints in my Retro section.

High-Quality My print is created with attention to detail, using paper and inks that will give exceptional colour definition and quality.