Hello Sailor

Blue & Red
Lemon & Pink
Pink & Green

Hello Sailor

Want the rugged charm of a salty sea dog on your wall? This print features a saucy sailor sporting a bushy beard, eye-catching tattoos on his muscular arms, and, not only that, he’s giving us enthusiastic thumbs up. What’s not to like?

 Bushy Beard

Long before the hipster had claimed the beard as their uniform, the sailor would often wear this striking hirsute accessory, probably because it was quite difficult, if not downright dangerous, to have a shave with a cutthroat razor whilst bobbing up and down on the ocean waves. What nautical adventures could that beard tell us if it could talk eh?

Muscles & Tattoos

One can't help but be drawn to the sailor's bulging biceps adorned with the obligatory tattoos. An anchor, a bird and the word LOVE inscribed on his beefy knuckles. This cheeky Chappy also gives us the universal ‘thumbs up’ sign letting us know that everything is alright. Positive vibes wearing a classic sailor stripey vest. Add in the words ‘Hello Sailor’ and a maritime masterpiece is born!

Three Colourways 

Choose from classic blue and red, lemon and pink or pink and green. Each one is printed, as always, on fine-quality art paper and wrapped and delivered to you with care and attention.