Kiss Me Quick


Classic Seaside Vibe 

The full iconic phrase is  "Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slow,” which is a phrase deeply intertwined with the cheeky charm of British seaside holidays. Originating from bustling seaside towns and amusement arcades, this catchy saying has remained an enduring symbol of carefree days by the sea. Even today, you can find hats proudly adorned with this phrase, showcasing its timeless appeal.

 Whether you're fondly reminiscing about summers by the coast or simply seeking a whimsical piece of decor, this print is sure to delight.

Fairground Style Lettering

My print features ornate lettering often associated with traditional fairground rides. The use of bright, eye-catching colours against a punchy pink background also adds a lively and vibrant touch and will certainly brighten up any room.

Quality and Convenience This digital print ensures exceptional quality and durability. It's printed on archival paper to preserve its vibrant colours over time. Available in two sizes, you can choose the perfect dimensions to suit your interior needs.