Leaping Hare


Symbolism and Folklore

The hare holds a special place in mystical and folklore traditions. Often associated with magic and intuition, it's believed to be a creature with deep symbolic significance and often associated with the phases of the moon. Some traditions consider the hare a talisman of good luck and believe it to bring positive energies and ward off negative influences. 

Take a Leap

Known for their speed and agility the leaping hare is a rare sight to behold and is often just a fleeting glimpse across an open field. Their rarity adds to their mystical quality. Artists throughout the ages have tried to capture the grace, elegance and fluid form of the hare which is always a delight for the eyes. 

Woodcut Style

I have tried to capture a feeling of the folklore status that the hare embodies by designing its leaping form in the style of an old woodcut illustration from an ancient storybook. The deep natural green background adds to the organic natural feel of the piece and hopefully will bring some rustic charm and positive energy to your home.