Lobster Aragosta


Need a print of a lobster? Look no further……This bold print depicts a simple graphic lobster with the word "LOBSTER" at the top, coupled with "ARAGOSTA," the Italian equivalent, at the bottom. 

Pink is the Colour

The dominant colour is of course Barbie pink with bold pink lettering against a soft cobalt blue.

Did You Know…….

Lobsters have ten legs, with the first pair usually being larger and equipped with strong pincers. The larger claw is called the "crusher," while the smaller one is the “cutter."

Lobsters come in various sizes, with the largest lobster ever recorded weighing over 44 pounds and being more than 3.5 feet long.

Lobsters can live for several decades and some have been known to live for 50 years or more.

Quality & Care

Each lobster is printed on beautiful smooth art paper so that the colours shine through. The non-fade inks ensure that your lobster will last and last. The perfect gift for all the lobster lovers out there.