Love Thanet Sweets


"Love Thanet" - A Sweet Tribute to the Region

Experience a bit of nostalgia and hometown pride with my "Love Thanet" art print, a delightful reinterpretation of the iconic Love Hearts sweets which we all know and enjoy. 

Instead of the usual sentimental messages that you find on these heart-shaped novelty treats, the names of the main Thanet towns have been represented on three sugar-coloured sweets which are tumbling out of the distinctive packet. 

Love Love Me Do

The first Love Heart sweets came out in 1954. Constantly updating the messages on the sweets to keep up with the times, in the late 90's sweets including the words 'FAX ME' & 'PAGE ME' appeared. Such is the popularity of these sweets that you can even buy a perfume to smell like a giant LoveHeart. Wow.