Margate Marmalade

Cobalt Blue

Celebrate Margate with a Breakfast Favourite

Spread a bit of Margate Marmalade with my fruity orange print. The original wording of course was MA MADE, the huge tin of concentrated seville oranges which, with the addition of water and sugar, made up numerous jars of marmalade for your breakfast toast. So Ma MADE has turned into MARGATE, and it’s ‘Just add Sand & Water”. Does what it says on the tin.

I delight in playing about with the words on labels that are instantly recognisable and spinning them into something else to make you do a double take and hopefully a smile. I had already created the Ramsgate Marmite and Broadstairs Branston Pickle print so needed another firm favourite to represent Margate and join the trio of towns.

The label also features a jar of orange marmalade, accompanied by a few luscious zingy oranges together with complementary green accents.

A Sweet Tribute to Margate

This print comes in a choice of five different colourways and in either A3 or A4 sizes. What could be a better reminder of a visit to this lively seaside town than a jar of marmalade? Although a traditional coastal holiday destination, Margate now enjoys a lively creative scene, with many quirky shops in its Old Town and the impressive Turner Contemporary Gallery sitting slap bang on the main sands.  Come on down, the water’s lovely!