Planet Thanet


Looney Tunes meets Thanet!

Imagine it, the Looney Tunes cartoon has ended, and the final credits with the famous circles in the background appear with a stuttering Porky Pig uttering the words “That’s All Folks”!  

That scene and those words are instantly recognisable the whole world over and this print fuses that iconic playful background and imagery with the addition of the new words “Planet Thanet”!

Cosmic Characters

Anyone from Thanet knows this phrase well. It is a celebration of the fact that we are all a bit different down here, we live on another planet from the rest of you lot. It celebrates the local quirky animated characters of the people that live here and the fact that we live on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides, has probably contributed to the sense that Thanet is very different from the mainland. 

An affectionate nod to this local saying and the fun and delight of Warner cartoons, this print incorporates the rich oranges and reds reminiscent of a plush cinema with the famous white script highlighted on top.

Using only high-quality paper and non-fading inks this print would be a great gift for anyone hailing from this part of the world.