Be Lucky Queen


Playing Card Passion

I have always loved the design of playing cards so here I have recreated the Queen of Diamonds with lots of extra intricate patterning and colours. Written around the edge of the card are the words ‘Be Lucky’ which are words often associated with this card. This print comes in two colour ways, either a soft pink border or a bright royal blue border. Printed as either an A4 or A3 size, this oversized card on your wall is sure to bring you good fortune. 

Here Comes The History

Playing cards are believed to have originated in ancient China and were introduced to Europe by the Moors during the late 14th century. They quickly gained popularity and began to evolve into the familiar deck of cards we know today.

Family Fun

Games always play a big part in our family holidays, there’s the 1000 piece jigsaw that me & my friend Laura always pour over whilst pouring ourselves wine spritzers and eating peanuts, and then there are the card games. This year the new game we played the most was called ‘Dirty Queen’ which isn’t a game of skill but of pure luck and chance. Whoever is left with this card at the end is the loser. Not quite sure why she’s ‘dirty’ but it’s a fun game all the same.