My Mate Ramsgate

Shocking Pink
Pale Pink
Mustard Yellow
Royal Blue
Mint Green

Love It or Hate It

Are you ready to embrace this iconic jar in a whole new light? Introducing my “Ramsgate Thanet Extract ” Print, a bold and tasty art piece that's bound to evoke a spectrum of emotions. “Rich in Beaches, 100% Amazing”.

A Culinary Sensation or Evil in a Jar?

This yeasty treat is renowned for its unforgettable tagline, "Love it or Hate it," and this print captures that essence perfectly. Just like the real deal, both Ramsgate and Marmite elicit strong reactions. Marmite with its salty, yeasty taste and thick, dark brown consistency, is a culinary rollercoaster of a ride for the taste buds. Some savour its unique umami charm,(Me), while others (My Husband), recoil from its distinctive aroma and taste. Who is in the right? ( Me obvs ). Ramsgate town also seems to evoke the same ‘Love It or Hate It”, reaction from both locals and visitors alike, so this print will appeal to everyone no matter which side of the fence they are on. 

Choose Your Colour - Seven Background Options

This print has been a great success in our shop right from the start so it now comes available in a selection of seven different background colours. Whether you prefer a bold bright shocking pink with a pop art vibe or no background at all, there’s a perfect match for your aesthetic. Available in two different sizes, it’s sure to be a talking piece in your home or office.