Retro Sweeties

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Candy Pink

I remember as a child going down to our local corner shop to buy sweets and these were some of my very favourite ones. I used to love counting out the Black Jacks and Fruit Salads onto the counter where they would be swept into a paper bag by the rather scary shop keeper who always told us off for leaning our bikes up against the window. Eat too many Black Jacks and your tongue would go a delightful dark colour and all that sugar would make your gums squeak. The Sherbet Fountain just had the best name ever and Refreshers always promised so much. 

Now you can enjoy these sweet treats without ruining your appetite, or your teeth, by buying one of these prints. Reminisce while nibbling on your 80% cocoa dark chocolate bar with added sea salt and chilli flakes. The times they are a-changin'.