Secret Lemonade Drinker


Nostalgic 1970’s Advert

Who can instantly remember the tune and all the words from the ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker” ad? Sing it to a teenager and they think you are cra cra.

The R. White's Lemonade advert from the 1970s featuring the tag line "Secret Lemonade Drinker" is a classic and memorable piece of British advertising.

For those of you too young to remember, the advert featured a man, who would sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to indulge in a refreshing glass of R. White's Lemonade. As he enjoyed his drink, he would sing the catchy jingle with the lyrics:

"I'm a secret lemonade drinker, R. White's, R. White’s. I’m tryin’ to give it up but it’s one of those nights”.  Brilliant.

The character just couldn't resist the temptation of R. White's Lemonade, even going to great lengths to satisfy his craving without waking up his family. The humorous and catchy nature of the commercial, along with the jingle, made it a huge success and contributed to the brand's popularity. 

Fizzy Pop Art

My digital print called, funnily enough, ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker’ adds a bit of nostalgia to your day. Catch yourself singing the tune every time you look at it. Printed with care by yours truly while humming this classic the ear worm jingle.