Space Hopper


Nostalgic Fun with a Space Hopper Print

Are you ready to take a delightful bounce down memory lane? Dive into the world of fun and nostalgia with this cheeky Space Hopper digital print. Also known as the Hippity Hop, this timeless inflatable toy was designed for one thing – endless entertainment, although let’s face it, it wasn’t exactly the easiest way to get from A to B, but hey we all wanted one didn’t we? 

A Burst of Colour 

These days you can buy a Space Hopper in a variety of eye-catching colours, but for many of us, including me, it will forever be the bright retro orange version with its slightly mischievous grinning face that we remember so well. My digital print captures the essence of this iconic toy, featuring the classic orange against a complementary pale blue background. The contrast adds to the visual appeal, making it a standout piece of art that will brighten up any space.

Why Choose My Digital Print

High-Quality My digital print is crafted with precision and printed on top-notch materials to ensure vibrant colours and longevity. Versatile It's the perfect addition to your home decor, adding a pop of retro fun to any room. Ideal Gift Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? My Space Hopper print is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the magic of nostalgia.