Tooty Frooties

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Candy Pink

This design and my other one called 'Retro Sweeties' came about following a conversation in the shop about your favourite childhood sweets. Some are still going strong like the Curlywurly whereas some seem to have dissolved into the past where, let's face it, they belong - Pink Panther.

I always loved the idea of Space Dust but it was quite a challenging thing to enjoy and my teeth certainly wouldn't be up to chomping on a Drumstick or Refreshers these days. In fact, thinking about the amount of fizzy, popping, sticky sugary treats which we used to consume I'm surprised I have any teeth left at all.

So if you're looking for a bit of sugary nostalgia then treat yourself to my sweet selection print. Available in two sizes and two background options, this print would look great in any location.