Two Dogs Matchbox

Grey Blue
No Background

Victorian Vintage Style

This design pays homage to a bygone era, featuring two vintage Staffordshire china dogs which in Victorian times were most often found standing guard on a mantlepiece. They are also known as ‘Wally’ dogs which I believe is a Scottish term meaning made of china. They were hugely popular then and still are today. I love these strange-looking pooches and they often figure in my work.

Parlour Pooches

My design features a pair of these lovable rogues against a patterned background reminiscent of the highly decorative wallpapers that could be found in a Victorian parlour where they would reside. Add to this the rich green and burnt orange colours popular at the time, and this design has a definite Victorian vintage vibe going on.

Quality Every Time

Each and every print is created on first-class art paper especially created for digital printing. The colours stay true and accurate so that you can be sure that this print will stand the test of time.