White Cliffs & Lighthouse


Dover & the South Foreland Lighthouse

Explore the timeless allure of the White Cliffs of Dover and the majestic South Foreland Lighthouse through this black and white graphic design art print. This print captures the essence of these iconic landmarks that are so instantly recognisable as you arrive or depart by sea. A picturesque boat gently bobs on the tranquil waters of the English Channel, while curious fish leap out to admire the starry night sky and the glowing moon. The South Foreland Lighthouse, perched on the cliff top throws out its guiding light across the water, while plants and foliage in the foreground remind us of the rich diversity of the nature that surrounds it.

Moonlight on the English Channel

The simple black and white colour of the print mirrors the light and shade reflected by the moonbeams onto the shining water and highlights the whiteness of the chalky cliffs. Stars sparkle and fish leap out of the water to greet the night air. A whimsical moment in time and a glimpse into the magic of the White Cliffs.