Wish You Were Here


Capturing Nostalgia & Vintage Charm

A Phrase often put on postcards when people went on holiday.

“Wish You Were Here”, meaning they were having a good time, but wished you were there as well to enjoy it all. Do people still send postcards? They always seemed to arrive after you had returned home anyway. The “selfie” is probably the modern-day equivalent.

This art print combines this timeless quote with vibrant colourful lettering. 

Vintage-Inspired Typography

The letters in this art print are designed in a vintage fairground style, paying homage to the aesthetic of a bygone era. The combination of typography and design evokes a sense of whimsy and nostalgia that's perfect for those who appreciate the allure of the past making it the perfect gift for everyone.

Navy Blue Backdrop

Set against a deep navy blue background, the words "WISH YOU WERE HERE" stand out with a captivating contrast. The rich, dark hue of the background lends an air of sophistication to the artwork while drawing attention to the heartfelt message. 

Fine Art Paper

Printed on premium paper to give you superb quality every time.