You're FAB


Bring Back the Magic of Childhood Summers with my  YOU’RE FAB Print

Introducing my Fab Ice Lolly digital print, a delightful and nostalgic artwork that pays homage to a beloved frozen treat. If you're looking to capture the essence of carefree summer days and add a pop of colour to your space, this print is a must-have. 

Iconic Summer Sensation 

The Fab Ice Lolly is an iconic frozen dessert renowned for its distinctive three-tiered structure, boasting vibrant colours and tantalising flavours and covered on the top with hundreds and thousands. What’s not to love? A true symbol of childhood summer delights and has and always will be a favourite for young and old alike. My digital print celebrates this timeless treat, evoking warm memories of sunny days and sweet indulgence.

A Taste of Fun 

A Fab Ice Lolly is not just a frozen treat; it's pure fun on a stick! Its cheerful appearance and eye-catching design make it a visual delight and an instant mood lifter. Who remembers as well when there was a joke printed on the ice lolly sticks? Happy days.

My digital print captures the essence of the Fab Ice Lolly's vibrant colours and tempting layers AND conveys a positive message - You’re FAB! Put it up in any room to remind yourself how great you are and to buy a lolly on the way home. A print also has added benefits in so much that it won’t melt all over your hand and suits all dietary allergies. A great gift for everyone.

Quality and Convenience Crafted with precision, this digital print ensures exceptional quality and durability. It's printed on archival paper to preserve its vibrant colours over time. Available in two sizes, you can choose the perfect dimensions to suit your decor needs.